Percy’s Patience: The Story of Governor Baxter and Baxter State Park
By Barbara DeVito Bourgoine and illustrated by Jemelie Deering Bessette

Percy’s Patience is a children’s picture book biography about former Maine Governor Percival P. Baxter. Vignettes from the archives highlight the perseverance of young Percy and how he learns to wait for rewards.  We also see how his dreams for a better world shaped his life and civic career. Each page of Percy’s Patience is footnoted, so that one could choose to read the narrative for its own sake, or slow down to absorb “fun facts.” This book could appeal to a six-year old or a sixth- grader. Includes timeline, maps, portraits, and references.

What readers are saying…

Beautifully Engaging

“It is extremely well written and the art work is beautifully presented as well.  You also provided an amazing amount of information about PPB without losing sight of the message of persistence.”  JN

“I enjoyed the book from cover to cover, from the eye-catching illustrations, the park map, engaging story line, factual tidbits and quotations, archival photos, interesting and fun facts, time line…”  JK

Fun Featured Learning

“I like how it incorporates geography, math, art, literature, civics, environmentalism, history.”  LD

“I learned so much, but in an easy and fun way. I’m picturing reading it to (my grandchildren) many times over the years. The writing was clear and expressive, as were the paintings.”  SH

A Promising Future

“I think this book should be required reading in ME elementary schools. It’s full of hope and promise through the information that it provides.”  JR

“What a great way to introduce a new generation to Baxter’s accomplishments and gift to the state.”  ES