Teacher’s Guide

Barbara Bourgoine enjoys a Katahdin view from North Traveler Mountain

Note from the Author

Years ago, when I was a literacy coach helping teachers to develop curriculum units, we noticed a paucity of picture books about famous people in Maine. Third grade teachers were looking to add titles to their biography unit, fourth grade teachers wanted books for their Maine Studies unit, and fifth grade teachers needed books that inspired persuasive writing. I thought about a book that could fill any of these gaps, and came up with “Percy’s Patience. My husband had been climbing Katahdin every winter, our daughters had attended Girl Scout camp very close to the Togue Pond Gate, and our summer family trips to Baxter State Park provided some familiarity with Percival Baxter’s gift. I felt strongly that Maine’s young people needed to know this man’s story; how he felt so connected to the natural world that he used his wealth for the benefit of Maine.  I hope this Teacher’s Guide sparks some more ideas for how to maximize learning through the use of this book.Barbara DeVito Bourgoine